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The world is your oyster...

We celebrated Katlyn's next steps in life, last weekend, and had a graduation/going away party.

In a couple of weeks, she, like so many other college freshmen, will move in to her dorm and settle in to the college experience.

I wrote something for her that I shared that night, and I want to share it here. It is my hope that anyone who is moving out and on or making a change in life will find a tiny nugget of strength in these words:

The world is your oyster...

We are here tonight to acknowledge Miss Katlyn. She's headed off to bigger, newer things and broader horizons. We, here, do believe that there isn't much more you can learn in life than what you've been taught in The Basin, but others believe there is a bigger world to see. I'll acknowledge that and say, Katlyn, I hope you see it.

To borrow some words from Lee Pitts, "These things I wish for you - tough times and disappointment, hard work and happiness. To me, it's the only way to appreciate life."

In my own words...please remember, being new at something, being different, making mistakes and bumps in the road are okay.

Hold on to who you are. My dad taught me you always...and I want you to hold on to that because "you" is good. You've got it. Whatever IT is, you have it.

My mom taught me, when life sucks...go do. Sometimes you have to walk a little and that's okay. Just go...

From my brother I've learned to be passionate about what you believe in, and to stand by your loved ones...

From your Papa, I've learned that shit happens and you toughen up and you keep going. Because life happens. So let it. Go with the flow.

I've learned on my own, that chances were meant to be taken and failure only exists in not trying.

So, Young Lady, you face a new chapter in life. The world is your oyster...




Make a pearl...

But come home on occasion to visit and bring some culture to your family and BFFs in The Basin.

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