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It's ranch life, family life, a runner's life and a teacher's life.  It's how I handle it.  You might agree with me on some things, you might not.  Maybe you'll learn something new.
I hope you laugh a little,
I hope you find something you enjoy,
And I hope you come back often.
Life a I see it.
Life as I see it

Hi!  I'm Ruby! I am a ranch wife, mom, bonus mom, roper, equestrian, runner, and teacher.  I grew up on a ranch and have come full circle to raising kids in the best lifestyle there is. 

We love spending time horseback, with our cows and enjoying solitary life on the desert.

I'm also a coffee lover, beef eater, student of The Joy of Cooking, teacher, reader, writer, and lover of fitness.

I enjoy sharing our ranching story with you.  I hope that you're able to learn something new and I hope that you feel comfortable asking me questions about what we do.

Our goal is to leave a legacy of regenerative management for whomever comes after us.  We aim to leave things better than we found them and share what we've learned along the way.  

So, welcome, again!  And please, drop me a line any time!





I love the colors of the sunset, the smell of sagebrush after a rain, mountains, and green grass.

I love pink, purple and turquoise.
I believe in miracles.
I believe in fancy dresses and high heeled shoes, tutus and tiaras. And I believe they all belong in a tractor!
I believe that keeping things interesting keeps life fun.
I believe a best friend is one of life’s greatest secrets.
I believe in family !
I believe in pink toe nails, new make-up and fancy hair dos.


I love to be successful and productive and helping others find their passion.

I believe in YOU!

A day in the life
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