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Does this sound a little familiar?

The alarm goes off in the morning, but it's not for a 9 to 5 job.  There are things planned, but as easily as those plans were made, they can change. It's not a boss who calls the shots around here, but the weather and the animals. 

There are chores to be done, tasks that change with the seasons; feeding season, calving season, branding season, haying season, shipping season.

School has to be considered in there somewhere too.

Depending on what they day brings, there is also a family to feed.  But that time changes with the seasons too.

At the end of the day, she's tired and sore with no energy to do anything more.  She knows there has to be a better way, but how?

She'd like to have more energy, be in a little better shape and eat a little healthier, but it feels like another chore!

Join the  Country Club Challenge!

In just 30 days, get your energy back, get leaner, feel stronger, be happier!

Why Me?

My whole life I have lived by the rule of Mother Nature and cows. When I was younger, exercising beyond what was required in the day to day chores I completed, didn't make sense.  I was active and healthy.  Plus, I hated that the only option was running. 

Then, when I was in my mid twenties, a horse I was riding bucked me off, stepped on me and left me stranded.  The fall I took hurt my back.  During the time I was healing, I consulted several different doctors and physical therapists.  One told me I would never run, ride a horse or lift heavily again.  Another though, gave me the solution to strengthen my core and was confident that he could help me.  When my time with him was completed, he introduced me to Pilates. 

Those hour long sessions, 2-3 times per week, strengthened my core and helped me get strong again.  I was soon able to ride comfortably, complete the daily chores that this lifestyle requires and I was pain free.

When my husband and I moved to the middle of nowhere, five years ago, I knew I needed to maintain the conditioning I had achieved.  But, living 2 1/2 hours from town made my Pilates classes a thing of the past.

Now my problem was how to get quality exercise routines done in the middle of nowhere! 

Yes, we live a physical life and maybe it seems silly to want to add additional exercise to it.  But I tried leaving it out and it doesn't work.  I learned how to stay strong and flexible and in great shape and I learned how much it helped with my day to day life. 

I no longer come out of winter, soft and wishing my arms didn't wear out when I was roping.  Now, I'm ready for the physical demands of long days in the saddle to move cows, brandings, and even haying season. 

What's Possible for You?

Imagine 30 days from now, having more energy, being a little leaner and stronger. 

Imagine your day to day tasks feeling easier.

Imagine rediscovering the joy of movement.

Imagine eating healthier and not having to quit eating your favorite foods to do so.

Imagine putting on that pair of jeans that used to fit and you just couldn't bear to get rid of them, because you KNEW you'd put them on someday.

Imagine climbing on your horse without a struggle and riding tall and confident.

Imagine roping without wearing out your arm.

Imagine riding up hills and along trails without throwing your horse off balance.

In JUST 30 days.  It's possible.  Keep Reading.

How do you get there?

When you join The Country Club, you'll receive all that tools that you need to reach your goals. 

1.  Instant Access to fitness programs that will help you stretch, strengthen, tone and improve your body.  You will have access to every program that has ever been released by Beachbody, including any new materials that become available throughout the year.

2.  Workout calendars, quick start guides, meal plans, and bonus materials are available digitally and can be downloaded for ease of use.

3.  A one month supply of a meal replacement shake that will provide you with the vitamins and minerals, protein and healthy carbs that your body needs on a daily basis.  It will help you lose weight, increase your energy, give you beautiful skin, hair and nails and bust cravings.  You pick your flavor and your preferred serving options.

4.  Fix Containers that help you get the nutrition you need, then allow for the treats you love and STILL RESULT IN WEIGHT LOSS! Materials in the program are available to help you use the containers.


These things are part of the All Access Pass from Beachbody on Demand. (more details below.  Keep reading!)

Bonus Material

In addition to the things mentioned above, you will receive my 5 Day Fitness Jump start that allows you to drop up to 5 lbs and 5 inches in just 5 days. 

Here's what graduates of this program have to say about it:

—“The week was great especially after I got over my sugar cravings!  Lost 6 pounds and about an inch off of all my other measurements.”

—“I really am feeling better and full…so far no carb cravings.  I’ve eaten more meat in the last few days than I have in weeks… Go figure!”

—“Doing great!  Even managed dinner and breakfast out with my kids.  Hardest part was the not eating ‘just out of habit’ snacks.  I was down 4lbs yesterday…Really looking forward to doing another week!  Thanks Ruby!”

You will also be added to my private coaching group on Facebook.  I host 20 day challenges every month and reward participants with workout clothes, #ilovebeef shirts, fitness bands and shake samples. 

As a certified personal trainer, I am also able to teach you how to do body weight exercises via live feed, that you can do whenever you want. 

I answer your questions on a daily basis and will visit with you in the group or one on one, depending on your needs.

I'm Ready!!  How do I join??

If you are ready to jump on board, click the JOIN THE CHALLENGE button to order your materials. 

Once your order is received you will be given access to the bonus materials via email.

I still have questions...

I'm happy to visit with you about any questions you have.  Just fill out the form below and I will be in touch!

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