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Dear Ranch Wife,

Take a deep breath. You're doing just fine.

I know some days seem a little less rewarding than others, but it eventually evens out.

I know at the end of the day you just want to feel like you've accomplished something important. Some days it's more obvious than others.

* When the cows are moved, sorted, pregged...

* When a day of branding or baling hay is wrapped up...

* When your horses are ridden...

* When someone notices your accomplishments for the day.

And some days feel unimportant, irrelevant, wasted. Laundry days, house cleaning days, school days...

I know it's easy to look around and wonder what you have to show for your duties each day. I know it hurts to be called "just a ranch wife" by those who don't know any better, and I know you grin and bear it when another person compares their successes to yours.

But hang in there. You're doing just fine. Behind the messy hair and tired eyes, there's a strong, intelligent, beautiful woman.

You play a valuable role as a wife, mom, teacher, banker, house manager, personal shopper, designer and chef. That's just on the days when you don't have to "work."

When those days role around you can add ranch hand, horse trainer, heavy equipment operator, feed crew, irrigator and sometimes veterinarian.

I know you want to be an asset, not a burden, a partner and co-worker, not a second rate stand in.

You want to know you have a purpose, a place.

You are.

You do.

I know that they say "behind every successful rancher is a wife who works in town." But, it's safe to say that in this case you achieve your success together.

Be proud of all you do each day and know that while your accomplishments may not make the glossy magazine pages, the social media posts or even be seen by another human, they are significant.

So take a moment to be proud of yourself, let a smile come to your lips and light up your face, nod your head and rock on.

You've got this.

Meet Ruby

I am Ruby Uhart.  I'm a ranch wife, mom, bonus mom and teacher.  I'm a story teller and keeper of memories.  Thank you for visiting! 

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