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And just like that, it's winter

I heard the rumblings about the possibility of snow....and I ignored them.

Yesterday afternoon, I put a jacket on for chores and we finished them in the rain. Rain is good. I can handle rain.

This morning when I woke up, this big ol' house felt just a skosh ( the heck....well, never mind.) cooler than it has over the last several mornings. My first thought was that I was glad I covered my tomatoes. There's more than one now, so I am pretty excited about that small victory of mine and I want it to last a little longer.

I pulled the shade up on the door and could see that everything had a wet look to it and I was excited to see what my rain gauge read. I put my slippers on and grabbed my jacket to go read it... .21 of an inch! That's exciting! I turned to head back to the house and stopped in my tracks.

Off to the west, peeping out from behind the clouds, were snow covered peaks. What. The. Heck.

I squinted a little to be sure I had it right. Those mountains are a ways off and they are pretty tall, but yep. There was snow on them. Still is, as I sit here and tell you my tales of woe. Because you see, it hasn't warmed up past 50F and it's noon.

Just like that, summer's gone. And I'm on the fast track to remembering what winter was like last year. I understand there's some "famous people" talking about the hurricanes being a result of global warming. I'd like to invite them to come stay up here for the winter. The whole winter. Our winter....which starts now (evidently) and lasts until June (remember "June-uary?" Yeah. I do.). Anyway, I'm not sure if you've noticed or not, because I only mentioned it 7,642 times last year, that I'm not a huge fan of winter or being cold or snow. I don't want to shock you, but it's true. This face says it all:

I warned Husbeast that at the first sign of winter I was going to start loading the commissary up so we don't run out of things when we get snowed in again. (He laughed at me. So do our friends when I mention that detail). It happened last year. It's totally possible it can happen again this year. I bought an Almanac. I guess so I could drive myself bonkers with the info I found in there. It basically says "winter's coming. It's going to be super cold and there's gonna be a $*** ton of snow again." So it's time for me to prepare...

If you need me I'll either be at Costco loading up my carts or I'll be perusing the real estate ads in the search for some winter ground for me and Husbeast, the kids and a couple hundred "pets." Let me know if you hear of anything, would ya?

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