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Gut feelings

"I don't have a good feeling about haying this morning."

I know you're thinking I said that, but you're actually wrong. I was surprised too! I was ready to get the ball rolling and get hay baled. I handn't even uttered a single complaint! I know!! 

Then Husbeast said something didn't quite feel right to him.

He backed both tractors to the barn where the compressor is. He checked tires, greased balers, and made sure we were both loaded with twine.

"Okay.  We're ready to go." 

He sent me off in the lead with Weebeast following on the quad. As we hit the main road I saw Husbeast coming along behind. I'd look back to check on the half pint quad driver and keep going. I wasn't supposed to start baling until Husbeast showed up. The Weebeast and I sat for a few minutes and then I started to wonder what was up. After about ten minutes I decided I better go back and see where Husbeast was. 

I rounded the final bend in the road and saw the other tractor. It wasn't moving. The closer I got to it I realized that it was off and Husbeast was gone. 

"Where's Papa?" 

"I don't know Little Dude..."

I kept driving and noticed boot prints that lead to the county road and home. Just as I was pulling in the yard, Husbeast was headed out. 

"What happened?" 

He explained that the fan belt shredded and he needed to get another ordered.

He got on the phone with a mechanic and the parts store. He told me to wait for a call back and he would go start baling hay. 

Twenty minutes later I was headed for the meadow to take over baling duty and here he came....


"What now?" 

This time the PTO shaft (I think. It's the part that hooks to the tractor and spins the fly wheel on the baler. I'm not anywhere close to being a mechanic) busted. Luckily we had baler #3 in the yard. He robbed the part off of it and we headed to the meadow.

Take 3.

Two tractors pulling balers make things go a lot faster, but today I flew solo while he cut hay. 

I'm quite glad to say the four hours I spent baling went without a hitch. Those are the days I don't mind that job.

Husbeast's gut instinct is clearly very much in tune with hay equipment and so far both are an easy fix.

The belt is ordered and the lame tractor sits between the house and the meadow, waiting to get rolling again.

I did mention to Husbeast that I was glad the belt went when it was 90 degrees out instead of when we were feeding and it was 30 below.

It's the silver lining you see. I'm getting better at finding it. 

Meet Ruby

I am Ruby Uhart.  I'm a ranch wife, mom, bonus mom and teacher.  I'm a story teller and keeper of memories.  Thank you for visiting! 

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