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Just a ranch mom...

I've heard this phrase said a lot over much of my life.  I see it now in social media posts and comments and it makes me wonder if those who are reading the comments, truly understand what it means to be "just a ranch mom."

You see, Ranch Mom is actually a job title.  It's not a job one can simply apply for, knowing all the tasks and qualifications and duties from a one paragraph job description.  The resume that would qualify one for it would be more like a book. 

Those who've been "hired on" as Ranch Mom, have learned to describe their career that way and move on realizing that most won't get the full meaning.

If I may, I'd like to try to explain what a Ranch Mom is...

 A Ranch Mom is a wife, mom, sometimes a bonus mom, a babysitter, a schoolteacher, nurse, counselor, veterinarian, housekeeper, short order cook, pastry chef, party planner, nutritionist, exercise instructor, seamstress, gardener, farmer, heavy equipment operator, cowgirl, horse trainer, farrier, irrigator, banker, accountant, marketer, personal shopper, mechanic, carpenter, landscape designer, barber, and sometimes there's a part time job somewhere to help make ends meet, etc. (because I'm sure there's something missing from this list.)

See how much easier it is to say "I'm just a ranch mom" and let it go at that? 

Ranch moms wear a lot of different hats.  Sometimes they swap out several times a day and sometimes it's months between tasks.

Sometimes these Ranch Moms grew up watching their own mothers do the same type of stuff.  They have some history with most of it and some experience with a lot of it.  Other times, these moms have only heard of these tasks in movies or from stories they read.  They marry in to the ranching lifestyle and have to learn as they go.  In either case, these moms quickly become skilled in many trades. 

These moms love their "job."  Some days are harder than others, but they wouldn't rather have any other job.  They know there might be better ways to earn a living, but they also know that there's no better way to live.

Next time you see a ranch mom, or you hear her describe herself as one, give her a smile and a nod of appreciation.  She'll love that...

Here's to the Ranch Moms everywhere.

Meet Ruby

I am Ruby Uhart.  I'm a ranch wife, mom, bonus mom and teacher.  I'm a story teller and keeper of memories.  Thank you for visiting! 

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