The goat goes feeding...

Husbeast fired up the tractor this morning while Weebeast and I did chicken, dog and cat chores and burned some trash. When we all turned around, and headed for the tractor, Grizz had jumped up on the trailer. Instead of leaving him behind we decided he could go along. A friend of mine had sent me a hat that was meant for the dogs. But, you'll soon see that it fit Grizz just perfect!

Today was the goat's day...

Grizz still had his pride at this hat and he was pretty proud of himself for loading up on the wagon and finding a buffet. Dolly the dog? She's not as impressed...

The hat. That caused the look I'm getting. But he didn't bail off and he only shook his head a little bit to test the fit. It stayed. He gave me the "goat look" some more. We laughed. He may have pouted.

Once we backed up to the stack, I think Grizz thought he was in goat heaven! It was all we could do to get him to move when we pulled bales by him.

He was starting to question his own judgement at this point. Was the endless buffet worth the hat and the long, cold ride??

"OMG Betsy...I think the Uhart's have finally lost it. They brought the a hat."

"Be quiet Ethel! If they hear you they might not feed us. But, shhhhh, yes. I think you're right. Winter is getting to them."

"It's a shame. Humans just aren't as tough as we are..."

King of the mountain! Guardian of the hay!

And he never did fall off!

I'm not sure why the dogs won't make eye contact with me or pose for the camera with Grizz. Weird.

Honestly. Did you think I'd get through this day without a goat selfie?? Come on!

That hay ride was hard work. Turns out, so is laying down on a moving wagon that has to bounce over the ice. He didn't last long here. He was up and munching on the endless buffet again in seconds!

It was fun having the goat along. He only bailed off once after we fed the heifers because, well, we had thrown his hay pile out to them and he thought it looked like a good place to be. can't say I blame him. I do wonder though, if he'll be as eager to join us tomorrow...

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