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Summer Chores

We are off and running with haying season. It's never been my favorite thing to do because I can't sit still as long as it's required of me. I'm getting better. I would rather hay than be broke down of course.

Jumping back a step...June was a whirlwind of activity between the oldest bonus daughter graduating, both girls attending range camp, Husbeast heading to Alaska for fishing and then rolling into July and celebrating the 4th.

We also headed off to college to attend orientation so we all know what to expect come fall.

I just got back from the Cattlemen's Beef Board summer meeting in Denver.

I absolutely loved being a part of the meetings. I serve on the Nutrition and Health Committee and get to be a part of the selection process that funds different organizations who are doing research to promote beef. You've probably noticed that I have posted a lot more about the health benefits of beef. The Beef It's What for Dinner campaigns are funded by the checkoff.

I've got a couple of new ideas for sharing even more about beef.

As I sit in the tractor counting rows and bales, my mid wanders off on all sorts of different paths. We are hoping to get done haying without getting rained out, but hoping for rain. We were just introduced to our local VFD fire truck, but we are hoping we don't need to use it.

Fingers are crossed for a smooth hay season and no break downs.

Meet Ruby

I am Ruby Uhart.  I'm a ranch wife, mom, bonus mom and teacher.  I'm a story teller and keeper of memories.  Thank you for visiting! 

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